Frequently Asked Questions

Information for Applicants

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Who can apply?

Any Lithgow LGA resident and Australian citizen under the age of 26 as at 1st July in the scholarship application year. The applicant must intend to undertake a tertiary course of study. Applications will be considered both from students intending to commence their tertiary course in the following year and from students who have recently commenced tertiary studies.

What course, and where, can I study?

The Trustees expect most applications to be for university undergraduate study. However, the Trustees welcome applications for other areas of study such as at agricultural colleges, conservatoriums of music or dramatic art institutions. Applicants may choose to study at tertiary institutions located inside or outside Australia.

What is the value of the scholarship?

The scholarship is to fund the cost of a tertiary course of study to a maximum sum of $30,000. This amount is available to cover compulsory fees, books, stationery and equipment, as well as accommodation, living and travel expenses incurred in connection with the course. When determining the amount, the Trustees will have regard to all relevant factors including the applicant's personal circumstances. Where the scholar obtains a scholarship from another source, the Trustees reserve the right to vary the amount of the Hoskins Lithgow Scholarship. Scholarship payments will be broken down into instalments, payable at the beginning of each semester, over the number of years of scholarship study.

How must I account for scholarship moneys received and what expenses are allowable?

Before taking up the scholarship and for each subsequent semester, the successful candidate must present an estimate of expenses for Trustee approval. Actual expenses will be reviewed on the completion of each semester.

In addition to tuition fees, scholarship funds are available to pay for books, stationery, accommodation, living, travel and other expenses incurred in connection with the course.

At the end of each semester the scholar will, as soon as feasible, send to the Scholarship Secretary a written report on his or her results for that semester. The report should also include any other matters and activities considered relevant or of interest such as extra-curricular involvements.

The scholarship may be forfeited if, in the opinion of the Trustees, the scholar is guilty of serious misconduct or fails to complete the academic requirements of the selected course without a satisfactory explanation to the Trustees. Under normal circumstances the Trustees expect the maintenance of credit average course results.

What are the selection criteria?

Candidates are evaluated through an initial review of written applications and subsequent interview of selected candidates by a panel in Lithgow. The successful candidate, in the case of Year 12 applicants, will be selected on academic record, citizenship and out-of-school activities (for instance cultural or sporting).

In assessing applicants who have left school, the selectors will consider, in addition to school records, the achievements, post-school academic record and activities of the candidates since leaving school.

What is the profile of the successful candidate?

The selection committee will be looking for the candidate who will through their chosen study and intended future career bring potential benefit to society. The candidate should aspire to be a credit to the Lithgow community and wider society through future advancement in their chosen career. Whilst there is no requirement to pursue a career in Lithgow, the Trustees would welcome such an eventuality.

In addition to academic achievement, the Selection Committee will be looking for participation in cultural and sporting activities as well as leadership and citizenship achievements.

The scholar may be requested to speak about his or her course and the scholarship to groups of students and adults from time to time.

Is the scholarship means tested?

There is no specific means test for this scholarship. However, financial need is taken into consideration when selecting the successful candidate.

What is the 2024 scholarship selection timetable?

Applications open: Monday 10 July 2023
Applications close: Friday 11 August 2023
Applications must be postmarked and emails sent no later than 5pm on Friday 11 August 2023.
Candidates selected for interview notified by: Friday 8 September 2023
Interview period for short listed candidates: Thursday 14 September to Tuesday 19 September 2023
Successful candidate notified: Wednesday 27 September 2023

Advice to the successful candidate on 27 September is on a strictly provisional basis only. The award of the Scholarship is subject to the subsequent acceptance of the successful candidate into his or her tertiary course of study and study institution, or alternative(s) approved by the Trustees.

The provisional awarding of the Hoskins Lithgow Scholarship in September must be confidential until the prospective scholar has been accepted into the chosen course and institution and the formal confirmation of the accepted course by the Trustees.

Award of the scholarship will be publicly announced in February 2024.