Scholar Profiles

  • Hoskins Lithgow Scholar 2024
  • Zoe Walsh
    Zoe Walsh
    Zoe Walsh
    Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)
    Institution: Western Sydney University

    Zoe Walsh is passionate about the intersection between rural infrastructure development and its impact on local communities. Zoe completed the HSC equivalent at Lithgow TAFE with outstanding marks. She was previously at La Salle high school, where she was elected Vice Captain, but left school at the beginning of year 12 when she was offered a full-time role as Aboriginal Education Officer and School Learning Support Officer at Cooerwull Public School. Zoe is a proud Wiradjuri woman and invests time in learning and sharing Wiradjuri dance, culture and language.

    After working at Cooerwull Public School for over a year, she realised that completion of her high school and university education would help her maximise the impact of her career. Through her studies in civil engineering, Zoe plans to influence infrastructure development in the Lithgow region to ensure proposed projects are innovative, help create jobs and protect the environment.

  • Joss Arkley-Smith
    Joss Arkley-Smith
    Joss Arkley-Smith
    Degree: Bachelor of Engineering in Quantum Engineering
    Institution: UNSW

    Joss' passion for STEM, nurtured while writing code and designing circuits, led to his realisation of the lack of STEM support in rural areas. Through his quantum engineering degree, Joss hopes to create cheaper and more efficient technologies that can service and upgrade communications technology in rural towns.

    Joss completed his HSC in 2023 with an ATAR of 94.9, placing 1st in 5 of his 6 subjects at school, and achieving dux of year 12 for Lithgow High School. Joss played a strong role in the school community, being an active member of the Student Representative Council up until year 12, where he co-led the school as School Captain.

    Joss is an accomplished singer, performing in lead roles in both School and Town musicals. Joss also made it to final auditions for Schools Spectacular, showing that you don’t have to go to a performing arts school to be a part of the performing community.

  • Hoskins Lithgow Scholar 2023
  • Lily Bannan
    Lily Bannan
    Lily Bannan
    Degree: Bachelor of Paramedicine
    Institution: Charles Sturt University

    Lily completed Year 12 at Lithgow High School in 2022. She was elected as one of the School Captains for 2021/2022 having served her fellow students throughout high school. She was an elected member of the Student Representative Council from 2017 - 2021, of which she was elected Vice President in 2021.

    Lily worked to support the broader Lithgow community while still at school through fundraising activities and assisting the local council with event organisation. She balanced this community service, strong commitment to her studies, a demanding work schedule as a shift supervisor at KFC, and care for her family throughout her senior years of high school.

    Lily is a talented sportsperson. During her years at Lithgow High School, Lily represented and captained Lithgow High School teams for touch football, hockey, athletics, basketball, netball, frisbee, softball, soccer and swimming. She has been recognised for the encouragement and inspiration she gives to younger team mates.

    Lily's passion for sport, combined with an understanding of the need for health services in rural communities, has driven her ambition to become a paramedic. The Hoskins Lithgow Scholarship is helping to fund Lily's study of a Bachelor of Nursing at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst, and she intends to qualify in Paramedicine in her fourth year at university. After completing her degree, she would like to work locally as a paramedic. She is proud to be the first person in her family to attend university.

  • Hoskins Lithgow Scholar 2022
  • Andrei Falls
    Andrei Falls
    Andrei Falls
    Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
    Institution: Macquarie University

    Andrei completed Year 12 at Lithgow High School in 2021. He was elected as one of the School Captains for 2020/2021 and prior to that, was involved in the school’s Mediation Program and the Peer Support Program.

    Andrei has had to deal with some very challenging family circumstances during his high school years. Despite this, he had an excellent school attendance record and achieved well academically while carrying out his responsibilities as School Captain and involving himself in many other aspects of school life.

    He was a member of the school’s boys’ basketball team that came 4th in the State in 2021. He has also played touch football and volleyball for the school. Andrei participated in the Western Region Dance Festival with a number of others from the school.

    While involving himself in all these aspects of school life, Andrei also worked part time for the last few years.

    Andrei is keen to pursue a career in software engineering and has enrolled in Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at Macquarie University where he will be specialising in software engineering. After completing his degree, he would like to join a major company as a software engineer where he hopes to gain the experience which will help him to improve technology for application in a variety of settings.

  • Hoskins Lithgow Scholar 2021
  • Shanon O'Regan
    Shannon O'Regan
    Shannon O'Regan
    Degree: Bachelor of Education (K-12)
    Institution: Charles Sturt University - Bathurst

    Shannon was the School Captain at La Salle Academy in 2020 and also involved herself in many aspects of school life, including debating, choir, presentations at school assemblies, fundraising and Catholic Schools Youth Ministry. During 2019, she was chosen to represent the school at a NSW Government function at the Lithgow Workers Club as well as at the Lasallian Tercentenary celebrations in Sydney.

    Since 2014, Shannon has been a member of the Lithgow Musical Society, appearing in two musicals each year, including taking leading roles in some of those musicals. In 2018, she was awarded the Greater Lithgow Arts Council Cultural Award in the Senior Student section for her contribution to the Musical Society. She was also awarded “Best New Talent” at the Bathurst Eisteddfod in 2019.

    Shannon has played Netball for 8 years and holds a national C umpiring badge.

    In 2020, she was awarded the Australia Day Young Citizen of the Year Award for the Calare electorate.

    Having been inspired by her own teachers to pursue a career in teaching, Shannon is enrolled in a Bachelor of Education (Kindergarten to Year 12) at Charles Sturt University, Bathurst.

  • Hoskins Lithgow Scholars 2020
  • Zac Arkley-Smith
    Zac Arkley-Smith
    Zac Arkley-Smith
    Degree: Bachelor of Science Education
    Institution: University of Wollongong

    Zac completed his HSC in 2018 at Lithgow High School where he was a School Captain and a lead player in the annual school musical. He has also performed as a pianist and vocalist at other local venues and was a member of the school debating team for a number of years.

    Zac has received numerous performing arts awards as well as several awards for School Citizenship.

    Zac also played various sports with the school and the district, including hockey, swimming and volleyball and managed to fit in part-time work while at school.

    He applied successfully for the Leadership Group’s attendance at the ABC’s “Q & A” School Special and was also chosen as a delegate to the Schools State Constitutional Convention in 2017 and then as a State Delegate to the Schools National Constitutional Convention in 2018.

    In 2019, Zac began his tertiary studies at the University of Wollongong in Science Education. He has excelled in the course so far and has travelled with fellow classmates as a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Facilitator to encourage regional school students to continue their STEM studies at school and onto University.

    Zac sees his future as a STEM educator in secondary schools where he can share his passion for STEM subjects and can make a positive impact on the community around him.

  • Ebony Seymour
    Ebony Seymour
    Ebony Seymour
    Degree: Bachelor of Communications (Journalism) / Bachelor of Laws
    Institution: University of Technology, Sydney

    Ebony completed her HSC at Lithgow High School in 2019 and was a School Captain. She is an accomplished all-rounder having achieved very well academically as well as representing the school in swimming at State level and in netball. A talented pianist and vocalist, she has also performed at school assemblies and other venues.

    She was a member of the NAIDOC debating team as well as taking part in the Festival of Speech.

    In addition to all of this, Ebony has found time to work part-time as a piano teacher and as a waitress in a local restaurant.

    In 2018, Ebony was among 100 young women chosen to attend the UBS Young Women’s Leadership Academy in Sydney. She was also one of 4 young people in Lithgow chosen to attend the NSW Community Cabinet Visit to Lithgow where she put homelessness in Lithgow on the agenda.

    Ebony has chosen to study Communications (Journalism) and Law at the University of Technology, Sydney. When she has completed her degrees, she has expressed her desire to work as a human rights lawyer.

  • Hoskins Lithgow Scholars 2019
  • Callum Woodrow
    Callum Woodrow
    Callum Woodrow
    Degree: Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine
    Institution: University of NSW

    Callum completed Year 12 at La Salle Academy in 2017 and was a House Captain in his senior years. He was Dux of the school with first place in all seven of his HSC subjects and received a Premier’s Award for All-round Excellence, having achieved a Band 6 (over 90%) in all those subjects. Callum achieved the highest ATAR in the Bathurst Diocese and was placed first in NSW in Studies of Religion 1.

    In addition to his academic prowess, Callum is an accomplished xylophone/percussion musician and held a Mitchell Conservatorium scholarship consistently for seven years prior to leaving school, four of those scholarships being the highest awarded by the Conservatorium. He has also been awarded the Maureen Newell Memorial Award for Achievement in Music multiple times.

    At the only Australian Percussion Eisteddfod in which he competed, Callum achieved first place in his division – two mallet keyboard percussion. He has participated in exclusive workshops with the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra and with the London Symphony Orchestra.

    Callum performed regularly at school and community events as well as for the residents of Three Tree Lodge, an aged-care facility in Lithgow.

    Throughout his high school years, Callum was also involved in chess and debating with much success. He won the La Salle Chess tournament in his final year and was a member of the school’s team which was runner up in the Western Division of the NSW Country Secondary Schools Chess competition in 2016.

    He competed in the NSW Catholic Schools Debating Competition and in the Lithgow Festival of Speech every year and twice was awarded Regional NSW Champion as well as being a member of the team which won first place in the senior division in NSW in 2016.

    While he was still at school, Callum also learnt karate for 10 years and competed up to a national level.

    In 2018, Callum commenced his degree in Medicine at the University of NSW and has continued his academic success during the first year there.

    He has also continued his community and charity involvement.

    When he has completed his degree, Callum is interested in pursuing geriatric medicine or perhaps psychiatry, having been influenced by his involvement with Three Tree Lodge. As a seventh generation Lithgow resident, he has a great affinity with the Lithgow community and would be keen to establish his career there.

  • Oliver O'Toole
    Oliver O'Toole
    Oliver O'Toole
    Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Dalyell Scholar (Philosophy)(English)/Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Honours)(Philosophy Honours) Honours Class I
    Institution: University of Sydney

    Oliver completed his HSC in 2017 at St Stanislaus’ College in Bathurst where he held an academic scholarship. He was also a College Prefect, public relations officer of St Stanislaus’ College and Vice -President of the St Vincent de Paul Conference (Stannies).

    He received a Premier’s Award for All-round Excellence having achieved a Band 6 (above 90%) in all his subjects. His Extension 2 English poem was selected for the Young Writer’s Showcase in 2017.

    As a talented public speaker and debater, Oliver won numerous public speaking and debating awards while he was at school. He was the NSW Catholic Schools Debating Association Country Champion debater in 2015 and his team were runners up in the Country Schools Debating State Championships that year.

    For a number of years Oliver also exhibited paintings at the St Stanislaus College Art Show.

    He was recognised for his musical talents, winning or being runner-up in the Piano Man Competition and the Ultimate Music Man Competition at St Stanislaus’ College on several occasions. Oliver performed at school assemblies and Speech Nights and also at Three Tree Lodge, an aged-care facility in Lithgow.

    In 2018, Oliver accepted an offer from Sydney University to become a Dalyell Scholar based on his excellent HSC results.

    As well as achieving excellent results at University, Oliver was very involved in extra-curricular life, as a member of a number of University Societies, a member of a choir and performing as part of a piano trio.

    In 2021, he graduated with Bachelor degrees and in 2022, went on to complete his Honours degrees, achieving First Class Honours. He has since been accepted by UNSW into a PhD in Philosophy where he will be expanding on his Honours thesis with the benefit of a Research Training Program Scholarship and stipend.

    Oliver would like to establish his life and career in the Central West where he hopes to focus on the development of the local arts community, sharing his passion for literature, music and drama. while setting up initiatives that would work to reverse the decline in literacy and reading abilities. He is interested in politics and considers it to be a possible career option which may enable him to achieve his goals for the community.

  • Hoskins Lithgow Scholars 2018
  • Jarrad Pringle
    Jarrad Pringle
    Jarrad Pringle
    Degree: Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctorate of Medicine
    Institution: University of NSW

    Jarrad completed Year 12 at Lithgow High School in 2016 where he was Dux of the school. He received numerous prestigious awards for his academic achievements and was elected as a prefect.

    Throughout his high school years, he was involved in a number of activities at the school including – volunteering as a maths tutor, the Press Club, school musicals and various fundraising activities.

    Jarrad is a keen swimmer and represented the school and the western area in swimming at the State carnival for a number of years. He has been a volunteer swimming instructor at the Lithgow Aquatic Centre and has also worked there part-time as a life guard and a swimming instructor. He holds a Certificate III in Aquatics.

    In 2017, Jarrad commenced his degree in Medicine at the University of NSW in the Rural Medicine Programme.

    Having been inspired by a visit to the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) while still at school, Jarrad is interested in nuclear medicine and its ability to assist in the treatment of cancer. As a student in the Rural Medicine Programme, his aim is to use the skills and experience he will gain from his studies and practical training to give back to rural communities.

  • Arie Zuanic
    Arie Zuanic
    Arie Zuanic
    Degree: Bachelor of Development Studies/Bachelor of Business
    Institution: University of Newcastle

    Arie completed Year 12 at Lithgow High School in 2017.

    Having moved to the area in 2014, he quickly became involved in many aspects of his new school, volunteering as a maths tutor and representing the school in debating and at the Festival of Speech.

    He was selected as a student adviser to assist with the planning and organising of school events and acted as a role model for younger students at those events. He was also chosen to represent the school at the Student Leadership Conference at Parliament House in Sydney in 2017.

    With two other members of the leadership group, Arie provided feedback and advice on aspects of the successful “Expect Respect” anti-bullying policy and its implementation, ensuring it was tailored to the school environment.

    His diligent work ethic earned him strong academic results. In recognition of this, the University of Newcastle granted him the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Academic Excellence in Year 12.

    Outside school, he has assisted as a volunteer at Maranatha Campsite which runs holiday programmes for young people as well as assisting youth at risk.

    Arie was granted early acceptance into the University of Newcastle to study a Bachelor of Development Studies/Bachelor of Business where his studies will include topics such as aboriginal studies, sociology, economics, politics and environmental studies.

    At this stage, he would like to use his degree to work in policy development. He sees himself working initially at local government level as a policy maker or advisor. Arie’s long term goal is to be a senior policy maker within the state or federal government.

  • Hoskins Lithgow Scholars 2017
  • Keely Newham
    Keely Newham
    Keely Newham
    Degree: Bachelor of Communication & Media Studies - Bachelor of International Studies
    Institution: University of Wollongong

    Keely completed Year 12 at Lithgow High School in 2016 and was the girl School Captain. She was involved in a number of other leadership activities during her time at Lithgow High School.

    At her graduation, Keely received the Phil Duncan Award for overall achievement as well as a number of 1st in Course Awards for individual subjects. She was awarded a School Blue Award for hockey, represented the school and the district in hockey and played in the Combined High Schools Western Area hockey team.

    Keely had participated in a number of other sports both for the school and for the Lithgow district. She was also heavily involved in cultural activities both at school where she played major roles in the school plays, as well as in the Lithgow Theatre Group.

    She enjoys public speaking and debating and was a member of the Premier’s Debating Competition team in 2016.

    Keely plans to complete her studies and is interested in working overseas to assist disadvantaged countries through the United Nations or bringing awareness to world issues with skills gained in her communication and media studies.

  • Max Arkley-Smith
    Max Arkley-Smith
    Max Arkley-Smith
    Degree: Bachelor of Science and Business
    Institution: University of NSW

    Max completed Year 12 at Lithgow High School in 2016 as male School Captain. Throughout his high school years, he held a number of other leadership roles at the school.

    He received many awards for his academic achievements, including the Blue Mountains Law Society Award for outstanding results in Legal Studies in Year 11 and several Principal’s Awards.

    Max was a member of the school debating team for 3 years and a member of the Mock Trial team in 2015. He also performed lead roles in the school musicals and was a member of a school band.

    He is an active member of the Australian Army Reserve within the Royal Australian Infantry Corps and was deployed for two months on Operation COVID-19 Assist in Sydney during 2020.

    At university, Max attended Colombo House Residential College and was elected College President in 2018. He graduated from UNSW in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science and Business, majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. In 2021 he commenced an Honours Degree with the UNSW Sustainable Materials Research and Technology Centre.

    Concurrently with his Honours studies, Max is working for the UNSW Advanced Thin Film Research Group and completing a cadetship with Australia's largest brick and building product manufacturer, Brickworks.

    Max is keen to combine his studies of science and business to open up a range of career paths. Eventually he would like to establish a career where he can make a positive impact and serve people, through innovation and learning as an entrepreneur, inventor or scientist.

  • Hoskins Lithgow Scholar 2016
  • Emma Jeffery
    Emma Jeffery
    Emma Jeffery
    Degree: Bachelor of Nursing
    Institution: Charles Sturt University, Bathurst

    Emma attended Lithgow High School until Year 9 in 2005. At that time she was experiencing personal difficulties which led to depression.

    In 2007, Emma enrolled at Lithgow TAFE to complete the Certificate in General Vocational Education (Year 10 equivalent). Although she was hospitalised a number of times which had a major impact on the time available for study, and despite battling low self-esteem and lack of self-belief, Emma clung to her goal of going to University.

    She decided she had nothing to lose, so chose to try and break free from the depression that had been disrupting her education. She was surprised and delighted when she managed to achieve very good results which motivated her to continue her education.

    Emma took a few years break to spend time with her two young children, before returning to Lithgow TAFE in 2013 to continue her studies. Her children were a major part of her motivation to continue her education and pursue her dream of becoming a paramedic.

    She completed her Tertiary Preparation Certificate (Year 12 equivalent) over a 2 year period in 2013/2014 at Lithgow TAFE where she topped her class, achieving an excellent ATAR. She applied for and was accepted into the Bachelor of Clinical Practice (Paramedic) at Charles Sturt University where she commenced her studies in 2015.

    Her goals and aspirations are to graduate successfully from her course and to pursue a worthy career that will benefit the local Lithgow community, hoping to be able to make a difference to people’s lives and health when they need it the most. Emma has the advantage of first-hand experience as a patient, understanding many of the worries and fears that patients may encounter.

    Emma has also been involved in a number of community activities in Lithgow and is a volunteer member of the SES. Most recently she has joined the Lithgow Volunteer Rescue Association where she is training to become a first responder in the event of a callout.

    After the birth of her third child, Emma has now changed her course to a Bachelor of Nursing which she is able to pursue part-time online. . She aspires to be a positive role model for her children and to show them that everyone has the potential to be anything they want if they are willing to apply themselves, work hard and educate themselves.

    Emma believes that education was, and still is, a major factor in giving her the courage to speak about her experiences and to become a confident, happy young woman who has a very positive future.

  • Hoskins Lithgow Scholars 2015
  • Matthew Burnett
    Matthew Burnett
    Matthew Burnett
    Degree: Bachelor of Architectural Studies
    Institution: University of NSW

    Matthew completed Year 12 at Lithgow High School in 2014 and was awarded Dux of the school.

    At his school graduation, he received the LJ Hooker Award for Academic Excellence, the University of Newcastle Award for Academic Excellence, the Thales Award for Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics, Science and Technology, the University of Notre Dame Australia Award for Outstanding Achievement in Physics, the ADF Award for Leadership and Teamwork, as well as various Course Awards and Commendation Certificates in the subjects that he undertook.

    As an active member of the school’s leadership group for 4 years, Matthew was a reading tutor, Positive Behaviour for Learning monitor, regularly assisted with school assemblies and was part of the community fundraising team.

    He is a talented artist who has set up his own website to showcase his photography, and design work. In Year 11 he attended a selective workshop at the National Art School and his HSC Visual Arts major work was selected for the 2014 ArtExpress exhibition.

    Matthew commenced university in 2015 and in 2016, Matthew was part of a team which led the design and build of school in Cambodia with non-government organisation, RAW impact. In the same year he was also selected to attend an intensive architecture workshop in Venice, Italy, for 3 weeks

    In 2017, he was elected for various leadership roles within UNSW, including Vice President of the Built Environment Student Association and Secretary of the Architecture Society. He was then chosen to attend various intensive social housing and urbanism workshops in both Vienna and Venice.

    In 2018, Matthew completed the Multidisciplinary Australian Danish Exchange (MADE) Program by the Sydney Opera House, hosted by one of the largest architecture offices in Denmark. He was then offered an internship at Lendager Group in Copenhagen, an architecture office specialising in circular economy, sustainable building and upcycling.

    Also in 2018, Matthew was selected as one of 15 architecture students in Scandinavia to participate in the “ARKNAT” program in Sweden, which involved designing and building a series of 1:1 timber pavilions in Sweden’s world heritage listed High Coast. This project later received the prestigious prize for “Architecture of the Year” at the Swedish Design Awards.

    Following his graduation in 2019, he was awarded the Australian Institute of Architects NSW Chapter Award for Construction and Practice. He was also one of 25 students selected from 800 applicants accepted into a Master of Architecture (Strategic Design & Entrepreneurship) at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation in Copenhagen in collaboration with Copenhagen Business School.

    Matthew is interested in establishing his reputation in both rural and urban environments which would offer him a variety of work in the architecture field, including domestic, commercial and industrial design work.

  • Hannah Muir
    Hannah Muir
    Hannah Muir
    Degree: Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
    Institution: University of Western Sydney

    Hannah completed her HSC at Lithgow High School in 2014 where she was joint School Captain.

    As a member of the leadership team in 2014, Hannah was involved in the selection and training of the future leadership team and was involved in the design of a leadership handbook which will assist all future leadership teams. She was also a member of the school’s Press Club which produced the commemorative year book on the school’s 50th Anniversary @ Pau St.

    At her school graduation ceremony, Hannah received the Principal’s commendation for outstanding attendance and the Reuben F Scarf Award for outstanding commitment, which is given as recognition for consistent effort and a desire to improve. Hannah has represented the school in debating and has taken part in school musicals and various fundraising activities. Her main sport is Taekwondo which she has been doing since Year 2. She has a black belt and has participated in local, state and national competitions. She has also been involved in highland dancing for many years and takes part in highland dancing displays and at the Lithgow Highland Ball.

    In 2019, Hannah graduated with distinction and has been working as a paediatric occupational therapist since early 2019.

    She hopes to gain experience in Western Sydney before returning to the Lithgow area to continue her career there, where her family and many of her friends reside.

  • Hoskins Lithgow Scholar 2014
  • Bridget Cama
    Bridget Cama
    Bridget Cama
    Degree: Bachelor of Arts (Major: Indigenous Studies / Minor: Politics) with Distinction / Bachelor of Laws
    Institution: University of NSW

    Bridget completed her HSC at Lithgow High School in 2013 and was elected Girl Vice-Captain in her final year.

    Bridget identifies proudly with her Wiradjuri and Fijian heritage and throughout her schooling passionately worked with Aboriginal youth as a mentor and leader. She was a member of the Sista Speak Programme, mentoring younger female students at Lithgow High School. She was also a junior member of the Lithgow Aboriginal Consultative Education Group.

    As well as achieving the highest HSC mark at the school, she was involved in many extra-curricular activities, including music, debating, mock trials, and basketball. She was awarded State Nanga Mai Awards in 2011 for Outstanding Achievement in Performing/Creative/Visual Arts and the Student Leadership Award in 2013 for demonstrating exceptional skills in promoting, encouraging and supporting student participation across her school and in their community.

    A very talented musician, Bridget has been involved in many performances both at school and with the Lithgow Musical Society, was a student of the Talent Development Project and has won a number of awards. Bridget has written several songs including “Together we Stand” which she wrote for the signing of the local partnership between Lithgow High School and the local Aboriginal Consultative Education Group. Bridget continues to perform at charity and community events.

    Bridget was awarded Lithgow’s Young Citizen of the Year for 2014 for her extensive contribution to the community, namely with youth and advocacy for diverse members of the community.

    Throughout her university studies, Bridget held leadership positions both nationally and locally, participating in extra-curricular and volunteer activities such as mooting and student mentoring/tutoring and organising conferences, sports teams and events.

    In 2015, Bridget was invited to attend the exclusive UNSW Law Dean's Women of Excellence Lunch. She has also been presented with prestigious awards including the UNSW Law Faculty Spirit Award in 2016 for dedication to studies and ongoing commitment and leadership in the UNSW community and the Nura Gili Burbuga Birrung (Rising Star) Award in 2018 for recognition of her all round contribution to the Nura Gili community, commitment to studies, consistent effort and positive attitude and demonstrated leadership skills.

    She graduated in February 2019 and commenced a position as a Research Assistant to Professor Megan Davis (Pro Vice Chancellor Indigenous) at the University of NSW where she worked on the reform of a First Nations Voice enshrined in the Constitution as mandated by the Uluru Statement from the Heart. Bridget is currently working as a graduate lawyer with top tier law firm Gilbert + Tobin.

    Bridget is particularly interested in how the law can be used to improve the lives of individuals as well as a means of creating systemic change. Her interests lie with commercial/corporate, property law and the emerging role it has in community and economic development for Indigenous communities, as well as public law reform and working towards a more equitable and fair Australia for all.

  • Hoskins Lithgow Scholar 2013
  • Jessica Dick
    Jessica Dick
    Jessica Dick
    Degree: Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Diagnostic Radiography)
    Institution: University of Newcastle

    Jessica completed Year 12 at Lithgow High School in 2012 and was School Captain.

    At her graduation, she received the L J Hooker award for Academic Excellence, The Barry F Cosier Award for Outstanding Results in Mathematics, The University of Newcastle Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement and the Thales Australia Award for Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics, Science and Technology.

    She was also the Lithgow High School Joint Senior Girls Swimming Champion and for 8 years was involved in swimming with the Lithgow Swimming Club – both competing and volunteering as a Learn to Swim instructor. In another sporting field, Jessica has been a successful team member with the Lithgow Workmen's Club Hockey Association since 2001.

    Jessica was a student of dancing for a number of years while at school and worked as an assistant teacher at a local dance school.

    She has also learnt piano and singing and taught herself to play the guitar. She has worked as a piano teacher at a local music school has performed regularly at local restaurants and other functions, both as a solo acoustic entertainer and as part of a duo. Jessica currently performs most weekends as a vocalist in a band popular throughout the central west.

    Jessica completed her Radiography degree in 2015 having achieved outstanding results in both the academic and practical aspects of her course. In 2015, she was accepted into the Health and Medicine Scholars Program at the University of Newcastle for her outstanding results. She completed her practical training in Bathurst and is now permanently employed in the region.

    Jessica plans to continue with further study in modalities of medical imaging, and intends to complete a postgraduate degree in Sonography. Her goal is to use her qualifications and training to be able to make a positive difference to people’s health outcomes within the local region.

  • Joint Hoskins Lithgow Scholars 2012
  • Keira Nightingale
    Keira Nightingale
    Keira Nightingale
    Degree: Bachelor of Arts (Dance) Bachelor of Education / (Secondary)
    Institution: University of NSW

    Keira completed her HSC at La Salle Academy in 2011 where she was school captain in her final year.

    During her schooling, Keira was a committed performing artist. She played the clarinet and toured with the school to New Zealand in 2009. She was selected in the International Symphony Orchestra and Choir which reached the finals in the Lithgow Cultural Awards Group Section. She has been involved with dancing for over 14 years. As well as being an accomplished dancer herself, Keira teaches dancing and choreographs routines for all ages, from young children to adults.

    She has been very involved in netball for many years as a player and is a nationally qualified umpire and qualified coach. In 2020, Keira was appointed as Coach of the Sydney Netball Academy and is now working with athletes in an emerging professional space. Keira has also maintained her position as President of Netball with the University of NSW since 2018.

    In 2015, Keira completed her studies at the University of NSW and completed a Graduate Certificate in Religious Education in 2016. Having become passionate about sign language communication, she also intends to complete an AUSLAN Diploma which will enable her to become a sign language accredited interpreter.

    At the beginning of 2017, Keira was delighted to begin her teaching career with a Sydney high school which counts among its students a high percentage of refugee and other students with non-English speaking backgrounds.

    Her experience as a Legal Studies teacher now sees Keira beginning a Masters of Law at UNSW in 2021 with the intention to pursue a career in the legal field at a later date in the areas of humanitarian law, education and policy.

  • Madalyn Cooper
    Madalyn Cooper
    Madalyn Cooper
    Degree: Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience (Hons I)
    Institution: University of Sydney

    Madalyn completed her HSC at Lithgow High School in 2011. On graduating, she was awarded the Caltex Best All Rounder and Pierre de Coubertin Awards. Madalyn was a school prefect, involved in the school's Student Representative Council for a number of years, and captained the school hockey team, which won the CHS hockey championships in 2010 and 2011.

    She chose to study Animal and Veterinary Bioscience at the University of Sydney and graduated with First Class Honours in 2015. She was awarded the University Medal and the Dean’s List Award. Her Honours research focused on pathology and molecular diagnostics of an important lethal disease that is infectious to humans, wildlife, and domestic animals. From this work, she published two scientific peer-reviewed papers and presented at an international conference.

    Madalyn is currently based at James Cook University, Townsville, completing a PhD in Environmental Science. Her PhD thesis aims to develop novel molecular methods to find traces of environmental DNA from rare and threatened species, including sharks and rays. Funded by the Save Our Seas Foundation, Madalyn works with researchers throughout Asia, Africa, and South and Central America to assist in conservation outcomes for threatened species and building research capacity in developing nations. She has travelled extensively to train researchers in how to collect environmental DNA samples. Some of her work is published in a book titled 'Shark Research: Emerging Technologies and Applications for the Field and Laboratory' by CRC Press and has been presented at an international fisheries symposium in the UK.

    She is passionate about animal conservation hopes to continue her contribution to global conservation efforts.

  • Joint Hoskins Lithgow Scholars 2011
  • Regina Featherstone
    Regina Featherstone
    Regina Featherstone
    Degree: Bachelor of Arts (Media) / Bachelor of Laws (Honours)
    Institution: Macquarie University

    Regina completed Year 12 in 2010 at La Salle Academy, where she was School Captain and the recipient for her year of the only full academic scholarship for Years 11 and 12. She was senior captain of the debating and chess teams and involved in music, speech and drama, as well as a number of fundraising activities at the school.

    When she left school, Regina expressed the desire to work with government or non-government organisations to assist developing nations.

    She completed her degrees in 2016.  In 2017 she accepted a position with the Fair Work Ombudsman working in the area of overseas/refugee worker complaints.

    Regina then worked as a refugee lawyer across Australia and offshore, assisting clients with the Refugee Status Determination process. She now works with the Redfern Legal Centre's migrant employment legal service.

  • Katie Ritchie
    Katie Ritchie
    Katie Ritchie
    Degree: Bachelor of Education (Secondary, Humanities) / Bachelor of Arts
    Institution: University of Sydney

    Katie commenced her double degree course at the University of Sydney in 2009, having graduated from La Salle Academy at the end of 2008. While at school,she was captain of the debating team for her last two years at school and also a House Captain and school leader. Katie was the school swimming captain and champion and also competed in netball, hockey and triathlon at State representative level for Catholic schools. She was very involved in the Lithgow Swimming Club and worked with children there in a volunteer capacity as a swimming instructor.

    Her passion for teaching started there, and she has spent several years working as a teacher of History, English and Humanities in a high school in Western Sydney for the Department of Education. She is passionate about regional and disadvantaged education, and hopes to continue to bring her skills to regional areas in the future.

  • Joint Hoskins Lithgow Scholars 2010
  • Emily Roberts
    Emily Roberts
    Emily Roberts
    Degree: Bachelor of Veterinary Biology/Bachelor of Veterinary Science
    Institution: Charles Sturt University (Wagga Wagga campus)

    Emily won a scholarship to attend Blue Mountains Grammar School for the last two years of her schooling. She completed her HSC there in 2005 and was Dux of the school.

    She completed a double degree in Veterinary Biology and Veterinary Science with honours in 2011. The scholarship assisted her to fund the last 18 months of her course while, in addition to her study, she was required to complete a number of practical placements throughout the state.

    Emily was invited to present her honours project at the annual veterinary conference in Adelaide in May 2011.

    She intends to gain experience in general veterinary practice before achieving her ultimate goal of specialising in equine veterinary practice in a rural area.

  • Ainsley Savage
    Ainsley Savage
    Ainsley Savage
    Degree: Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Business (majoring in Industrial Relations and Human Resources)
    Institution: Griffith University (Gold Coast campus)

    Ainsley left La Salle Academy in 2005, having been involved in school sports, the school's mentoring program and various fundraising activities. On leaving school, she deferred university for a year and worked at Centennial Coal at the Angus Place Colliery while she completed a Certificate III in Business Administration.

    She completed her studies in 2012 with Honours in Law and is gaining experience with a legal firm at Southport on Queensland's Gold Coast.

    Ainsley would like to return to a mining community where she is keen to promote the rights of individuals, hoping to ensure that jobs will be available in the future to help keep small communities alive. She has been inspired by her work at Centennial Coal and by her late grandfather, Jack Savage, who played a significant role in the union movement around the local coal mines.

  • Rhiannon Walding
    Rhiannon Walding
    Rhiannon Walding
    Degree: Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts
    Institution: University of Newcastle

    Rhiannon left Lithgow High School in 2009. She was joint Vice Captain of the school and held a number of leadership and tutoring positions throughout her high school years.

    Rhiannon has always had a love for teaching and has taught guitar, banjo and piano whilst simultaneously coaching junior soccer and mentoring young referees. During her high school years she was a volunteer tutor for infants and primary aged children at the Lithgow Homework Centre as well as being a tireless and successful fundraiser for MS.

    Rhiannon completed her degrees with distinction in 2013 receiving faculty awards for her academic success. Rhiannon has taught in the Lithgow region since graduating in 2013 and has become a permanent staff member of Lithgow High School, one of her goals since graduating. Her dedication to her teaching career and pastoral care role has seen her appointed year advisor and an integral part of the school's welfare directions through mentoring, coaching and supporting students across the school.

  • Joint Hoskins Lithgow Scholars 2009
  • Alexandra Legge
    Alexandra Legge
    Alexandra Legge
    Degree: Bachelor of Medicine
    Institution: University of Newcastle

    Alexandra attended The Scots School, Bathurst, where in her last year in 2005, she was the school Vice Captain and Dux of the school. She is a keen sportswoman and has played sport for her school and for Bathurst at district, regional and state levels - tennis, hockey, soccer, swimming and water polo. She has also obtained her AMEB Grade 6 violin certificate.

    Alexandra completed her degree in Medicine at the University of Newcastle at the end of 2012 and completed her internship in Newcastle in January 2015. She then moved to Sydney to commence training in Paediatrics at the Sydney Children’s Hospital, where she remains working today. She is due to complete general paediatrics training in 2021, and will continue on to complete training in neonatology thereafter. In the future she plans to work in a regional centre, providing specialist paediatric and neonatology services.

  • Melissa Smith
    Melissa Smith
    Melissa Smith
    Degree: Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine
    Institution: University of NSW

    Melissa attended La Salle Academy finishing in 2006. She was School Captain and Dux of the school. Outside school, Melissa also represented Lithgow in swimming competitions throughout the State and was Captain of the Lithgow Swimming Club from 2003-2005. She taught swimming as part of a voluntary program run by the Club.

    Melissa completed a Doctorate of Medicine at the University of NSW in 2013 and commenced her internship on the Central Coast in January 2014. Having commenced training in Paediatrics at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle in 2017, Melissa has now decided to continue her career as a General Practitioner and has commenced GP training in the Blue Mountains.

  • Joint Hoskins Lithgow Scholars 2008
  • Victor Rufus
    Victor Rufus
    Victor Rufus
    Degree: Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Science
    Institution: Australian National University, Canberra

    Victor completed his HSC at Lithgow High School in 2006, achieving his AMusA in the same year. During 2007, he worked to save for his university course. He was selected by the Mitchell Conservatorium to teach there during that year.

    He plays both guitar and trombone and won a number of competitions and eisteddfods throughout his school career.

    In 2011, the ANU nominated Victor to study at Bonn University, Germany as part of the Student Mobility Exchange program where he was able to combine his physics and music studies.

    Victor graduated with Honours in Music in 2012 and was awarded a grant from the ANU to record an album in 2013.

    Although the funding from the scholarship ended in 2011, he completed his Honours in Science and used his music to support himself while he completed his studies. He plays in a number of ensembles and bands at various venues around Canberra.

    Victor aims to continue his teaching and musical career, possibly in the Lithgow region.

  • Daniel Simpson
    Daniel Simpson
    Daniel Simpson
    Degree: Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Clinical Practice (Paramedic)
    Institution: Charles Sturt University (Bathurst campus)

    Daniel completed his HSC in 2007 at Lithgow High School. He was joint school captain and spent four years as a member of the Lithgow Youth council - an advisory body which liaises with Council on the needs of the youth of Lithgow. He also coached a local junior soccer team for four years and played the game himself.

    He had his heart set on being a paramedic from an early age, having been inspired by the desire to help a friend who suffered with a medical condition. Prior to completing school, he had already acquired considerable experience in the field. Daniel has been a St John Ambulance volunteer since 2005 and obtained a number of advanced paramedical qualifications prior to commencing university.

    In 2009, Daniel was selected to participate in an international exchange program and studied for a semester in Canada at Trent University. In 2011, he was involved in a short-term rural health program in India and gained considerable insight into the Indian health care model.

    Daniel completed his degrees in 2011 and qualified as both a Registered Nurse and a Paramedic - both much needed resources in the community. Having commenced his career as a registered nurse at a major Sydney hospital, he then joined the Ambulance Service of NSW as a paramedic in March 2013.

    He is now working in the State Headquarters for NSW Ambulance as the Coordinator for Integrated Care for new health initiatives across NSW. He is also enrolled in the Clinical Redesign course through the University of Tasmania based in Sydney.

  • Hoskins Lithgow Scholar 2006-2007
  • Kate Purcell
    Kate Purcell
    Kate Purcell
    Degree: (Graduate) Bachelor of Laws
    Institution: University of NSW

    Kate completed her HSC in 1999 at Lithgow High School and was accepted into Macquarie University to study Arts/Law. She left having gained her Arts degree only, as she was having difficulty financing her studies.

    The award of the Hoskins Lithgow Scholarship, enabled to her to complete her law degree at the University of New South Wales where she gained outstanding results and was awarded the University Medal in Law.

    While studying at UNSW, Kate was selected to work as a volunteer for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Canberra. In 2007, she was selected to participate in the China Model United Nations conference in Harbin, China. She co-authored a paper on refugee law for the Australian Yearbook on International Law in the same year.

    After completing her law degree, Kate continued her studies in the United Kingdom, no longer with the assistance of the Hoskins Scholarship. In 2008, she was awarded the prestigious Chevening Scholarship to study a Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) at Oxford University. She completed her PhD in the Faculty of Law at Cambridge University in 2013 with the support of a Cambridge Trusts Poynton Scholarship and the St John’s College JC Hall Scholarship in Law. Her PhD thesis was awarded the Cambridge Law Faculty’s Yorke Prize. Kate has since developed this work as a book which is to be published by Oxford University Press.

    Following her PhD, Kate took up a postdoctoral fellowship in the Law Faculty at the University of New South Wales. She is now a Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology, Sydney. Kate recently spent a further year in Cambridge as a Visiting Fellow at the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law.

    In February 2020, her first book Geographical Change and the Law of the Sea, was published.

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