The Hoskins Lithgow Scholarship was awarded for the first time in 2006. The scholarship award enables young Lithgow residents to achieve their full potential as did Charles Hoskins, a pioneer of the Australian steel industry.

The City of Lighgow Photo: Ian Rufus

The scholarship also honours his memory and commemorates the Hoskins family's connection with the City of Lithgow, which began in 1908.

Congratulations to the scholarship winners:

2024: Joint winners: Zoe Walsh and Joss Arkley-Smith
2023: Lily Bannan
2022: Andrei Falls
2021: Shannon O’Regan
2020: Joint winners: Zac Arkley-Smith and Ebony Seymour
2019: Joint winners: Oliver O'Toole and Callum Woodrow
2018: Joint winners: Jarrad Pringle and Arie Zuanic
2017: Joint winners: Keely Newham and Max Arkley-Smith
2016: Emma Jeffery
2015: Joint winners: Matthew Burnett and Hannah Muir
2014: Bridget Cama
2013: Jessica Dick
2012: Joint winners: Madalyn Cooper and Keira Nightingale
2011: Joint winners: Regina Featherstone and Katie Ritchie
2010: Joint winners: Emily Roberts, Ainsley Savage and Rhiannon Walding
2009: Joint winners: Alexandra Legge and Melissa Smith
2008: Joint winners: Victor Rufus and Daniel Simpson
2006-2007: Kate Purcell
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